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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Among the members

The members of the RNC are involved in many things.     Read what they are up to.

A manifesto for the RNC

A couple of weeks ago, invitations were sent far and wide for people to come together and talk about the future of the RNC.


Local author and e-publisher Caroline Addenbrooke

Caroline is a writer, and now an "e-publisher". 

Caroline believes that e-publishing is the future of publishing.  With Joan De la Haye, Caroline has created Rebel ePublishers.

She says "Rebel e Publishers is a Writers publisher for Writers. It focuses on selecting and publishing quality books of all genres". 

"The Gates of Hell" Caroline's own novel, is published by Rebel e Publishers. 


Rebel e Publishers

Caroline Addenbrooke's Blog


Bathabile – a success story

Growing a school that the Department of Education threatened to close down, from 116 learners in 2005 to 636 in three years, takes a dedicated team and hard work. When Solly Kotu, the principal of Bathabile Primary School in Doornrandje, took over in 2005, he managed to persuade the Department to give Bathabile another chance. The result is impressive.

Because many of the learners are orphans, a large vegetable garden was created so that each learner could be given at least one nutritious meal a day. To cheer up the drab buildings, a new coat of paint was applied and flowers and a lawn were planted.

Local residents have pitched in to help, supplying manure, compost, labour and trees (planted by the learners on Arbour Day). Trevor Garbett, the RNC committee’s new member, sourced a computer to the delight of the staff who need to prepare educational material. Jan Hill (Doornrandje) arrived last week with a jungle gym, which had the little ones clambering over it in minutes. Other residents supplied old tyres, used in the veg garden for planting potatoes, and mulch to save on watering.

Bathabile School - Working together

Bathabile has undertaken to clean up the litter on the stretch of road running past the school. “That is one contribution we can make from our side to the local community,” says Solly Kotu. If you would like to support Bathabile, the following items will be welcome:

Paint; children’s clothes and shoes; books for the library; a laminating machine; cupboards, tables and chairs; an irrigation system for the veg garden; tanks to catch rainwater; shade cloth; more manure and compost; trees and seedlings (veg and flowers); internet; sports equipment; paving; floor tiles.

Items can be delivered to the school (tel 012 669 0857). There are clear directions from Skyview Garage on the R511. Or contact one of the RNC committee members.

Local Artist Lee Pienaar

"not until the last river has been poisoned...not until the last fish has been caught, will we realize we can't eat money ~ 19th Century Cree Indian"

Lee Pienaar says about herself, "living and working in the countryside of Hartebeespoort Dam, South Africa; embracing all that Life is bringing my way; enthralled with my journey"

To view lee's work visit her website

Land, building and buying in the Conservancy

The Conservancy Committee has approached the Tshwane Municipality and the Madibeng Municipality to clarify the policy and bylaws related to buildings, listed activities, land use and division of land.

In 2007 there has also been input from the National Department of Agriculture - much of the land in the Conservancy is zoned "Agriculture".

Please note that the following article applies to all residents, not merely those who belong to the Conservancy as these are not Conservancy laws.

This is a brief document to outline the policy and bylaws you are likely to encounter. It is stated simply, and directly. Details may consequently be lost, and you are advised to clarify specifics and not to make assumptions that could place you on the wrong side of the law.

The document is not a series of polite suggestions; it is bluntly what is required of you in order to conform with the laws, bylaws and policies which apply to this area.