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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Motions for the AGM

Notice of motions  -  Annual General Meeting  -   26 July 2009

You are hereby informed that the following motions will serve before the Annual General Meeting of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy (RNC) on 26 July 2009

1.    New RNC Constitution

Motion:  That a new RNC Constitution, as drawn up and circulated with this Notice of Motions, be adopted by the assembled members of the RNC, with any amendments as may be proposed, seconded and adopted.

Motivation:  The initial Constitution under which the RNC has operated was drawn up in June 1997 and has not been amended since then.  At the time it was compiled, the focus of the RNC was on establishing the area as a Nature Reserve;  the Constitution was developed to support this goal.  Conditions have changed, the proposed Nature Reserve was rejected by the relevant authority (DACEL) and the emphasis has shifted to promoting good conservation practices, maintaining the balance between appropriate and inappropriate development and encouraging members to jointly protect and restore the area’s biodiversity.  The proposed new constitution reflects this changed focus.

Proposed:        Anthony Duigan (paid-up voting member).
Seconded:        Caroline Kruger (paid-up voting member)

2.    NPO Status for the RNC

Motion:  That the elected RNC Committee apply to the relevant Government Department to register the RNC as a Non-Profit Organisation in terms of the Nonprofit Organisations Act of 1997.

Motivation:  The proposal to change the status of the RNC from that of voluntary organisation to one as a registered Non-Profit Organisation was put to the annual general meeting in 2008 and approved in principle.  This followed an earlier special general meeting decision to seek Section 21 Company status.  This was investigated and considered an onerous and expensive alternative for the RNC.  NPO status allows the RNC to be registered as an NGO and fund-raising body.

Proposed:        Anthony Duigan (paid-up voting member)
Seconded:        Fransa Cole (paid-up voting member)

3.    Membership fee structure

Motion:  That the fee structure for voting members be changed and the current quantum be reduced to facilitate a broadening of the membership base.

Motivation:  The RNC has relied historically on membership fees for its practical sustainability and to maintain programmes such as the annual officials’ tour, development of management plans for the RNC, etc.  In the light of the need to be more representative by increasing the voting member base, and a new emphasis on conservation events that are self-funding and intended to raise funds for the RNC, it is suggested that the voting member fees be reduced to a level that will make them more affordable to a larger residents’ base.

Proposed:        Anthony Duigan (paid-up member)
Seconded:        Mercia Komen (paid-up member)

4.    Reimbursement for Committee members

Motion:  That Committee members be reimbursed from the income of the RNC for direct expenses, eg printing, internet email and phone costs.

Motivation:  It is estimated that the Committee members paid more than R30 000 from their own pockets  -  for printing, phone calls, email and petrol to and from meetings and events  -  in the 2008/09 year in the service of the RNC and its members.  The intention is for members to be able to claim a portion of these direct costs incurred (the proposed new RNC Constitution and the NPO Act allows payment to office-bearers).

Proposed:        Fransa Cole (paid-up member)
Seconded:        Dalene van der Merwe (paid-up member)

Helen Duigan                            Caroline Kruger
Chairman: RNC                            Secretary: RNC