Committee Feedback

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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Committee Feedback

The committee is elected at the annual general meeting of members.    Here you can find out what the committee is working on.

Section 21 Company

At the AGM held on 27 July 2008, Anthony reported on the status of the Section 21 Company registration.

He indicated that the requirements of a company were onerous and expensive, and for this reason, the process has not moved forward.

The debate remains whether to register as a NPO, and then an Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) which will ease the burden of tax compliance.

The NPO requirements are less stringent.

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2008: A note from the Chairman

The AGM is this week, Sunday afternoon.  I know AGMs are not high on everybody’s list of worthwhile activities.  So I compare the time, energy and money that the committee members have put into working for the Conservancy over the past year, with the effort of attending an AGM for a couple of hours.

Some of the committee work full-time, juggling job, home and small kids, other are self-employed, having to source their own incomes.  They meet once a month and often fit in mini-meetings to handle a specific event.

I give you an overview of their involvement in RNC matters: this entails literally thousands of hours of work, office costs (paper, cartridges, general equipment, personal phone accounts often around R1 000 a month), catering and transport costs.  None of this is charged for.

The committee has achieved:  

a secured conservation region, with an acknowledged right to exist and valued for its unique role within greater Gauteng, now and for the future - for ourselves and our families.

For this to be achievable, the committee needs to know it is supported in all these activities by its members (and a growing group of people and officials beyond the RNC), that residents appreciate the privilege of living in this area and that we as the committee have your active support in lobbying officialdom for its continued existence.

We would also appreciate help with various projects.  You don’t have to become a committee member!  Three of our most useful “comrades” are not on the committee.  Let us know if there is anything that you are particularly passionate about and would like to pitch in from time to time.  And persuade new residents to become members (try old ones too).   

I’ve covered the following activities in the detailed report below, listing what the committee has put in, to achieve specific outputs:

    * Conservation
    * Communication
    * Lobbying
    * Promotion/Marketing
    * Development monitoring
    * Administration


What is that Acronym

'GDACE, SLAPP, DWAF - oops!', '


Confounded by all the acronyms. Here is help thanks to Helen and Anthony Duigan. Anthony is frequently responsible for halting meetings, and reminding people to talk less in letters, and more in words!

DEAT: Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
DFA: Development Facilitation Act
DME: Department of Minerals and Energy
DWAF: Dept of Water Affairs and Forestry
EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment
EWT: Endangered Wildlife Trust
GCA: Gauteng Conservancy Association
GDACE: Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment
I&AP: Interested and Affected Party (also IAP)
NACSA: National Association of Conservancies of SA
RNC: Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy
ROD: Record of Decision
SLAPP: Strategic Litigation Against Public Participants

Want more? Check this comprehensive link.

Tour the RNC

For three years running (2005, 2006 and 2007) the RNC has taken officials and decision makers on a tour of the Conservancy. Each tour has had a different route, and we have showcased the area against various themes.

In September another group of officials climbed into bused supplied by Daryl of Rhino Lodge, and set our to see the sights.

Some of the feedback :

  • I had a wonderful experience last Wednesday; to travel through all those places it was just awesome!Thank you for the invitation. I learned a lot about things going on in the area, and the organizing was great
  • I would just like to thank the Rhenosterspruit Conservancy for the wonderful tour and for all the trouble and time put into this excursion. As always it was a great experience.Thank you for all your trouble yesterday, we really appreciate it. Every time we drive around that wild west, I realise how beautiful that area is!
  • It makes a huge difference to actually see the area one needs to plan for 

Member of the Gauteng Conservancy Association

The Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy is a member of the Gauteng Conservancy Association . The RNC pays an annual membership fee (R500 for 2008) to belong to this Provincial Association.

The GCA has its own website, management structure and communication network. The Chairman is Ivan Parkes, and the Vice Chairman is Bob Dehning.

Helen Duigan (Chairman of RNC) was Vice Chairman of GCA since its inception in 2003. This year, at the GCA AGM of 2008, a resolution was passed preventing husbands and wives from working on the same committee. As the Duigans - Anthony and Helen - were the only married couple on the committee, this contributed to their decision to resign from the GCA Committee.

The Gauteng Conservancy Association (GCA) was formed in February 2003 to promote conservation on private property in Gauteng and to protect Gauteng’s fast- disappearing greenbelt areas. It is an independent body, prepared to co-operate with all those who are passionate about conservation and willing to work for it.

At time of writing, the latest Chairman's report from the GCA had not been received.