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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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There is no better time to deal with Pom Pom

We have had a good soaking rain.  And large parts of the landscape burned during the winter.  The pom pom is already growing, and can easily be spotted in the burnt veld - so grab the opportunity and get NOW, well before the flowers start.

Experience shows that the pom pom suffers a signifcant setback if treated as this time of the year.   If you wait until you have the visual reminder of shocking pink, it is too late to be as effective.  Once the flower heads are present, so are the millions of seeds for dispersal.

Read our articles on combating pom pom, and get active!  In the end, you save yourself time and money by acting now.