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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Dormant Danger: the pink peril

The summer months found Lynne Clark and a team of warriors tackle the dreaded pink threat - the Pom Pom Weed.

Lynne took the lead on addressing a sweep across the Conservancy with scimitars and backpacks of chemicals.  The herbicide used is approved for combating the Pom Pom Plague in all areas, save near water courses.

A massive 550 Hectares fell under Lynne's sharp eye, and the team was released to cut heads of the (already) flowering weeds. Another team followed close in their footsteps, spraying both herbicide and bright blue stain to mark where action has been taken.

The cost of treating the land is a staggering R13 000 - or R24 per hectare. [costs in 2008 with labour volunteered]  The average cost increases sharply where the terrain is heavy infested, or difficult to access.  If your property is just beginning to show signs of infestation, you can expect to spend about R17 per hectare for the FIRST treatment. 

Those who have been near successful in eradicated the weed, advise that an annual program of monthly spraying commences BEFORE the flowering season starts.  This spraying is highly targeted, a requires a team to recognise the plant without its eye-catching fluffy pink head. 

There is still an amount of R5 500 owing to the Conservancy for the work done by Lynne and her team.