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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Spiders in the RNC

A recent walk in the RNC by the Spider Club caused a stir.  Children were fascinated!

Here a list of the spiders identified on the walk. 

FAMILY Common name. Scientific name.
AGELENIDAE Funnel-web spiders  
  Grass funnel-web spider Benoitia occelata
ARANEIDAE Orb weavers  
  Green abdomen hairy field spider Araneus apricus
  Common or yellow and black banded garden spider. Argiope sp.
  Grass orb web spider Neoscona moreli
  Common hairy field spider Neoscona blondeli
  Common hairy field spider Neoscona subfusca
  Stone nest orb weaver. Nemoscolus vigintipuncatus
DICTYNIDAE Plant mesh-web spiders Dictyna sp.
GNAPHOSIDAE Flat bellied ground spiders Zelotes sp.
SEGESTRIIDAE Tube-web spiders Ariadna sp.
PHILODROMIDAE Small wandering spiders  
  Grass small wandering spider Tibellus minor & Tibellus spp.
PISAURIDAE Nursery web spiders.  
  Funnel-web nursery-web spiders Maybe Euproshenopsis
PHOLCIDAE Daddy longlegs spiders Smerigopus natalensis
THERIDIIDAE Comb-footed or cob-web spiders or gum-foot web spiders Enoplognatha sp
    Theridion sp.
    Achaeranea sp.
THOMISIDAE Crab spiders.  
    Misumenops rubrodecorata
  African mask crab spider. Synema sp
  Black face crab spider Thomisus blandus
    Thomisus daradiodes
ULOBORIDAE Feather-legged spider Uloborus plumipes
SCORPION   Uroplectes triangulifer
SOLPUGIDAE   Solpugema hostilis