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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Scorpion Walk

A great outing with the creepy-crawlies was had under the expert eye of one of South Africa's leading experts, Jonathan Leeming.

The walk was enjoyed by many who wandered around turning over rocks, and then crowding together to look at "the find".  It was particularly the children who seemed to delight in the opportunity to do the very thing we often caution them to avoid! 

With a word or two from Jonathon at the start, the intrepid crowd was fortified, filled with anticipation and courage.  The youngsters were the first to scatter and turn over rocks, and then the first to yell "Found one!".

Glass jars and maginfying lenses helped to make the viewing experience safe (and more comfortable for the creatures).  Great care was taken to return the creatures to the exact spot where they were found, and each was not harmed in any way.

Adults and children were agog and amazed to learn that scorpions give live birth - no laying of eggs!  The mother carries the baby scorpions on her back, and they look more like scorpions only after the first shedding of skin.  Look closely at the photograph - this mother was found as we lifted a rock, all her young on her back. 

Mother with young

Many returned from the walk enthused, and went off with an autographed "Scorpions of South Africa" under the arm.  (Jonathon is the author of "Scorpions of South Africa" and co-author of numerous other books and publications. ) Luckier still were those who purchased from Jonathon the ultra-violet torch. When the light falls on the scorpions, they luminess and so are easily spotted.  (Does that do anything for the fear of walking barefoot from the light switch to the bed at night?!)