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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy

Welcome to the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy - and in particular, the "Residents' site".

Here you will find news of interest to you as resident, land owner or supporter of the conservancy.

This site used to allow comment and a high degree of involvement. However, this feature was poorly used by residents, and highly used by spammers, and finally, after being hacked twice, the interactive features have been restricted. You need to be a registered site user to submit articles to this site. When you register, please insert your actual full name when prompted. This information may be different from your "user" name which is the name displayed to others.

It is not the intention to limited this website to a few people. If you have a contribution you wish to make, a comment, a correction, a photograph - or even a gripe - please do make an entry. (You will need to be a registered user on the website to submit directly). The registration process is explained below.

If you would like to advertise to this site, you are most welcome too. Contact the webmaster.

To register:

Look at the top of the screen where the Login is displayed.  Click on the plus sign to open additional options.
Click on "create an account".
Fill in your real name, the user name which will be displayed on the site to others, your real email address, a password of your choosing. Click on register.
A message will be displayed indicating that you should check your email to activate your account.  It may take a couple of minutes for the email to arrive, and if you have very strict filering on your email account, the message may be blocked.  You will need to permit message to be received from "mercia.komen @"
The message will contain a link that you should click on to show that you are a "real person".
The message will also contain the username and password you selected.  Either keep the message safe, or delete it.
Now you may return to the Login and enter the combination of user and password you entered earlier.
Once you are logged in, additional option will be displayed.  You will now be able to enter an article, post a link and submit a comment to existing artiles.




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