Oori Game Farm

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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Oori Nature Reserve

News from the Oori Nature Reserve, situated within the Conservancy.

Municipal Property Rates Act – Get Informed

On 17th Jan this year I attended an information session held by the West Rand District Municipality: District Management Area at the Heritage School in Kromdraai, regarding the implementation of the Municipal Property Rates Act within the DMA of the WRDM. Having had a valuation official call on me unannounced in September last year to inspect and value my place and Brooklands Farm, I wanted to know about the new land tax due to be levied from 1 July this year for services we don’t receive (not yet, anyway).


Game Report

We appeal to you to assist where you can as we all enjoy the game spectacle within the Oori. Norman Chesworth has said that we would consider releasing thirty Eland into the Oori on condition that we become organised in every respect. The rationale behind this is that Eland are browsers and we have plenty of good browsing bush in the Oori.

Poaching has become a very serious problem and is increasing.

Steve Panos presented a game reserve report covering the financials, achievements and the challenges that face us which include the perimeter fence, snaring and the bush meat trade. He also presented a security report covering crime statistics nationally. The crime figures split between the various types of crime in the various areas. In the 2007/2008 year, for example, residential burglaries in Gauteng were at 62 703.

The Oori crime report included the telephone cable theft, borehole pump stolen, workshops broken into, copper wire being stolen from geysers and pumps, fences cut, computers stolen, car radios stolen and various thefts of electronic goods. This is all a petty theft but if we are not on our toes petty theft will degenerate into serious crime.

Don't fence me in!

The game committee appeals to those persons who still have fences, particularly in the north Oori, to consider taking down their fences.


George is still love sick!

Oori had paid for and arranged for the transfer of Mrs George but fate stepped in and despite valiant efforts by Pam, Joanne and Gavin Orbell (from Shamwari) complemented by Roger and Steve, his mate did not survive.