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This biodiversity stewardship project aims to provide formal conservation protection for the area of the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy, and beyond. 

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Developments in and around the Conservancy

"I want to build / farm / extend. What do I need?

The complex and convulated path of what you may or may not do on your land, and where to go for what authorisation, can - and has - filled volumes.

But every now and then, a resident may want to build a cottage, plough a field, change the septic system, grow some seedlings for resale.  What needs to be done?

First, the regulations and acts often change, and the process may be altered.  Whatever you read here MUST be verified.  This artcile is intended to be of assistance, and is not a professional opinion.

There is one requirement that will persist, and is very important:  consult your neighbours and anyone who may interested or affected. Do so formally, and as early in the process as possible.